About CO2 Web Emissions Tracker

Our Mission

In today's digital age, every online action has an environmental footprint. While it's widely known that industries like travel and manufacturing contribute to carbon emissions, what's less known is the impact of the digital world. Our mission is to shed light on this overlooked aspect by providing clear, accessible data on the carbon emissions associated with visiting various websites, from government portals to social media giants.

What We Do

Our platform meticulously tracks and presents the carbon emissions data for a broad spectrum of websites. These include:

How It Works

We employ a robust methodology to analyze the data transfer involved when you visit a website. Each byte of data transferred has an associated carbon footprint, depending on whether the site is hosted on green (renewable energy) servers or not. Our platform:

  1. Measures the Total Data Transfer: We use advanced tools to simulate visits to websites and measure the total bytes transferred during the visit.
  2. Assesses Green Hosting: We check if websites are hosted on green servers, which significantly reduces their carbon footprint.
  3. Calculates Carbon Emissions: By integrating these factors, we estimate the carbon emissions for each website visit.

Why It Matters

In our quest for digital transformation, it's crucial to stay informed about the environmental cost of our online activities. By providing this data, we aim to:

Join Us

Explore our platform to discover the environmental impact of your most-visited websites. Together, we can pave the way toward a more sustainable digital future.